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Elokings has garnered a reputation for being a highly sophisticated Elo Boost service and is also the most well known in the League of Legends marketplace. We now provide several services including: elo boosting, lol coaching & lol accounts. Since 2010 we have cemented ourselves as the #1 authority when it comes to League of Legends boosting.

Robust Customer Experience

We are the only website in the market that features a fully integrated members panel. Follow your boost’s progress from start to finish with our highly advanced system, we provide realtime match history statistics similar to and

Communication Made Easy

We feature a Live Chat system with 24-hour customer support and a one-on-one chat feature that lets customers communicate to their booster once they’ve placed an order. Skype and Email contacts are still available if you need to reach us outside the office.

All-in-one Service

Elokings is committed to providing any League of Legends service you could ever need at the most competitive prices. Easily add items to your purchase at any time through your panel and benefit from our unique customer loyalty benefits such as special discounts for future purchases.

Professionalism and Speed

Through our rigorous hiring process and close relationships with our employees, we’ve managed to assemble the strongest staff for boosting and customer service. We have the fastest turn-around speed for order completion in the market and encourage safety precautions with our custom VPN client and appear offline software.

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These are a few perks of choosing Elokings that we can guarantee upon receiving your orders.

We have a track record of having high win rates and will reliably carry your account to the next tier.

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View the status of your order that comes with match history and live data tracking in our dedicated member panels! Stay in direct contact with your assigned booster to request any special needs of services!

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These testimonials shown are updated every time a customer leaves a new review upon the completion of their order. All the testimonials seen are LIVE and marked with a timestamp.

  • karim bekri Well Done!

  • Danmark Fabito great service

  • karim bekri Quick and fast just how I like it!

  • Jaz Espinoza Didn't communicate with the booster much. However, it only took him a day to get the boosting accomplished. Quick and painless process.

  • Yevgeniy Kulyk Excellent job, got me to my desired tier, will definitely use them again in the future!! Thanks!

  • Jaz Espinoza This was done in a flash. Quality work as always.

  • Phillip lo Great service! Finished my placement matches in 2 days with 7/10. Thanks a lot Elokings!

  • Jaz Espinoza James is the man. He communicates when he is going to be on. The quality of gameplay is there too. So, you know everything is getting done efficiently

  • Jayden Gatt Won 9/10 provisional games and they were all completed within 12 hours of starting the boost!

  • Craig Kee Very skilled and respectable. Got me 100% win rate. I would recommend this to anyone.