How to Order:

1. Select your product, enter your delivery information (email or Skype) in the text form, then press Buy Now.
2. After your payment has been made you will receive an email or a Skype add from Bisuone with your delivery.
3. Please be patient. Delivery usually takes less than 30 minutes. But please allow us up to 24 hours to make contact if our staff is offline.

How to Apply Your Codes:

1. Open your League of Legends client and go to the Riot Store.
2. Select the Codes tab (not Prepaid Cards) and enter the codes that were delivered to you.
3. You should receive instant notification that your codes have been redeemed.

Riot Points / Referrals FAQ

1. An email will be sent to you following your order.
2. We will ask for your Summoner name and what server you play on.
3. Each code may be redeemed on separate accounts or all on the same account based on your preference.
4. There are no account restrictions. You may purchase and redeem an unlimited amount of codes for a single account.