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About Us

Elo Kings is a global leader in League of Legends elo boosting services for NA, OCE, EUW, EUNE, TR, RUS and Garena servers. Formed in May 2013, we currently employ only the very best Diamond 5 to Challenger players to boost under the Elo Kings name. Some of our boosters are well known Top 30 Challenger players, and others are well-known streamers and e-athletes in the League of Legends professional and semi-professional scene.

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Features of our Service

Premium VPN Network. All Elo Kings boosters operate under a custom IP address for each account. None of the games we play can traced back to us as the source.

Appear Offline. If you choose, we can use the Appear Offline client which allows us to remain invisible to your friends while we are playing on the account. Your friends won't be able to see that you are online or talk to the booster on the account at all. Friend Requests are also automatically rejected.

24-Hour Support. Our customer service ratings are unmatched. We will be here to answer any questions or concerns you have about your order thoroughly.

Members Area. View the status of your boost and message your booster directly via our integrated back-end system designed to offer 100% access to monitor the progress of your boost and to pause/resume your job when needed.

Elokings Features
  • Membership Login and Control Panel.
  • Communicate with your booster LIVE.
  • Pause/Resume your order.
  • Track Progress in Realtime.
Available Servers
  • RU, TR, LAN, LAS.
  • Garena.

Purchased many boosts from Bisuone. He has active communication on Skype and updates you on your order.


Best money I ever spent on coaching!


This service is too good, they dont stop communicating, they support you the whole time.